Life in L&W iGaming’s Global Delivery Team

Written by Adam Hills

As the dust settled and the industry adjusted to the news

of our exciting rebranding as Light & Wonder (L&W), it felt an opportune, almost poignant moment to reflect. We work in an incredibly fast-paced industry, in which we maintain and grow a monumental product that so many of our customers (and their customers) depend on. The times ahead are undoubtedly exciting as we focus ourselves on becoming the leading cross-platform global game company, but ultimately, there are many challenges, some old, some new, that stand in the way of that aspiration becoming a reality. Now is the time to be bold, innovative and ready to stretch ourselves to overcome those challenges. 

Life in L&W’s Global Delivery Team (GDT) often follows repeatable patterns, but at the same time, is rarely the same. We ultimately provide end-to-end ownership and accountability for the delivery of various projects, programmes and initiatives against the backdrop of an enormously complex technical ecosystem, a diverse customer base and a changing landscape of regulation. We aim to provide a transparent and dedicated experience to our customers by removing complexity, building exciting new products and content and maintaining high levels of service in BAU.

The GDT has a product roadmap and a customer delivery function, and so focus really is on following delivery of those products and content from initiation through build and test and then into the hands of the customer. We want to work more closely with our data, to understand the value of what we deliver, the impacts of failure and to make informed decisions about how the best utilise our resources.  

We operate using an agile methodology,

seeking to deliver incrementally by constantly adding value in short sprints of activity. Our roles as delivery arbiters provides us with a very privileged opportunity to collaborate with and influence almost every function within the business. To provide a quality service to our customers, we are always looking to challenge our internal ways of working by promoting visibility, simplifying processes, utilising technology and aligning ourselves to our new core business values. It sounds obvious and predictable, but these things have never been more relevant.

In the past 12 months alone, the GDT has successfully delivered huge market regulation projects in the UK and Germany, market entries in Latin America, Ontario, Michigan and Connecticut and internal technical enhancement projects such as the launch of our “Bet Level” Configurations tool. Yet, we have only just begun to scratch the surface both in terms of the maturity of the function and the exciting roadmap that we will need to deliver in the coming 24 months if we are to reach the heights that we have set ourselves as a business. The key to success remains, and will always be about the team, and the great people who come together to drive us forwards at pace. Strap in folks, it promises to be a bumpy but exciting ride. 

The opinions expressed in this blog post are strictly those of the author in his personal capacity. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Light & Wonder or of its employees.

May 17th 2022