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Online Support Portal

Our online Support Portal provides you with a central location to raise new issues, view latest updates, list all of your open and historical issues and find useful documentation.

L&W Support Guidelines 

Existing users

Submit a ticket

If you have already registered for an account, in order to log and view tickets online, please access our Support Portal using the button above.


Please feel free to bookmark the link for direct access in future.

Password reset

If you need to reset your JIRA login password please use the button above.


Additional JIRA Access

Access in JIRA in addition to basic access can be requested from one of the options accessible from the button above.


New users

Sign up here

Before you can access our online Support Portal you will need to register for an account using the button above.

You will follow a simple process to create an account with login credentials. Please ensure you select ‘LnW JIRA‘ as the application you wish to access. At the end your account will submitted for approval – you will receive an email once approved with steps to complete your registration.

Once complete you can return to this page and use the ‘Submit a ticket’ button on the left to access the Support Portal.


Login / access help

For any issues relating to logging into JIRA itself, or issues accessing tickets or projects once logged in, please email Jira Help using the button above.


We are here for you

Our service desk team triage all incoming issues, determine the correct course of action and work to resolve in the quickest possible timeframe.

By raising tickets via our portal you will be able to provide all required information to perform preliminary investigations when raising your incident.

You will be able to track tickets you have raised, provide further information when requested and export data for reporting purposes.

To allow us to work with you in the most effective way, please:

  • Provide as much information as you can when raising a ticket.
  • Raise one issue per ticket.
  • Once you have raised any P1/P2 issues, remember to phone us with the TSD reference.
  • Add attachments such as screenshots, videos and spreadsheets securely.


Things to remember:

  • Raise all incidents and requests via our online Support Portal https://igaming.lnw.com/online-support-portal/
  • P1/P2 incidents MUST be phoned in via one of the following numbers: North America +1-800-584-9042 | Europe +44 (0) 800-069-8184.
    • A monitored voicemail service is available to expedite your major incident, please leave a message with the requested details
  • A reference number will be presented once your ticket, TSD-xxxxxx,  is created and you will also receive an email confirmation.
  • You will also need the TSD number if needing to escalate an issue
  • The best way to see the latest status of your issue is to check the ticket in the online Support Portal. You will also receive updates, including resolution notification, via email.
  • Once tickets are set to ‘Resolve’ they will automatically ‘Close’ after 72 hours. Any responses from yourselves during this window will reopen the ticket automatically. If a ticket has been set to Closed please use our escalation process to reopen.
  • Tickets that have been set to ‘With Operator’ will automatically be closed by the system if we do not receive a response. If this issue is still apparent please action as above


Required Details

When raising an issue please provide as much of the following information as possible. 

  • Priority
  • Operator name
  • Operator ID
  • Site URL
  • Issue description
  • Username of players with issue, if any
  • Game name
  • Game ID
  • Timestamp
  • Game Round ID
  • Device/browser information
  • Screenshots of any error messages
  • Steps to replicate the issue
  • Troubleshooting carried out to date
  • Test account details on Operator’s portal
  • Environment Staging/Production