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Our online Support Portal provides you with a central location to raise new issues, view latest updates, list all of your open and historical issues and find useful documentation.


Existing users


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New users


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Before you can access our online Support Portal you will need to register for an account using the button above.


You will follow a simple process to create an account with login credentials. Please ensure you select ‘SG Digital JIRA‘ as the application you wish to access. At the end your account will submitted for approval – you will receive an email once approved with steps to complete your registration.


Once complete you can return to this page and use the ‘Submit a ticket’ button on the left to access the Support Portal.



Login / access help

For any issues relating to logging into JIRA itself, or issues accessing tickets or projects once logged in, please email using the button above.


We are here for you

Our team of service desk agents triage all incoming issues, determine the correct course of action based on our ITIL processes, and work to resolve in the quickest possible timeframe.

The primary means of contact is via our online support portal. Please see the ‘Online Support Portal’ section above for details on how to access this.

Alternatively, please email Emails will either create new issues within our JIRA tracking system, or update your existing issue.

To allow us to work with you in the most effective way, please:

  • Provide as much information as you can when raising a ticket
  • Raise one issue per ticket/email
  • Phone us for P1/P2 issues
  • Check your tickets in the Support Portal regularly and look out for emails requesting further information


Things to remember:

  • Raise all incidents and requests via our online Support Portal or via email to
    Please add P1/P2 to the subject if appropriate.
  • P1/P2 incidents MUST be phoned in (24/7) via one of the following numbers: North America +1-800-584-9042 | Europe +44 (0) 800-069-8184
  • You will receive a confirmation email that includes an SG Digital support reference number in the subject – TSD-xxxxx.
  • This reference MUST be in the subject of following email correspondence. Easiest way to ensure this is to reply to your confirmation. This ensures your correspondence is routed to the correct ticket.
  • If you are using a ticketing system to manage issues and send emails to iGaming, please ensure your system is updated to include the TSD-xxxxx reference number in the subject of subsequent updates on your side.
  • The best way to see the latest status of your issue is to check the ticket in the online Support Portal. You will also receive updates, including resolution notification, via email. If you would like an update please request one via the ticket in the Support Portal or via an email using the ticket reference in the email subject.
  • Tickets are closed 72hrs after being resolved. Any response from yourselves will reopen a resolved or closed ticket


Required Details

When raising an issue please provide as much of the following information as possible. If this is an App issue please provide the App name and/or a link to it.

The more detail you can provide, the quicker we can triage and resolve your issue or request.

  • Casino Name
  • City/State
  • Address
  • Caller’s Name
  • Contact Number
  • Priority
  • Time & date of incident
  • Platform (Terminal, Promote, Digital)
  • If issue is for a Terminal we will also require:
    • Serial Number
    • Floor Location (this is a number)
    • Description of the issue
  • Steps to replicate
  • User name of players with issues, if any
  • Trouble shooting carried out to date
  • Screenshots of any error messages